On moving out….

My older two children officially moved out of the house this summer. Now they have lived in the dorms since going to college, coming home in the summer to work and eat my food and get caught up on the laundry. This summer, they decided to stay in their college town, get apartments with friends and get summer jobs (internships) there.

I thought when this day came, I’d be sad. But what I feel is more akin to dread. Not because they have moved out, per se. That I am thrilled about, but because now I feel obligated to decide what to do about their bedrooms. I mean most Moms by now would have turned at least one of them into a guest room/sewing room, but here’s the deal. We don’t have overnight guests, and I don’t sew. I have a beautiful home office I share with a guinea pig.  I have a lovely formal living room that we watch TV in, and the eat in part of my kitchen is large enough for our family of six, so I don’t need a formal dining room. 

So while most people, Moms would be painting a room to get over the depression of a young adult child growing up, I find myself wondering if I can just ignore that we have an upstairs.  After all #3 lives up there, and even she hasn’t claimed the extra living space.

I am happy for my older two though. Talked to the oldest this week. He’s a little stressed about finding a job after graduation, with this economy, who isn’t, but he loves what he does and I am sure he’ll find a way to put it to good use. He has a summer, pay the bills type, job and is looking for a career type job.  He sounds more content than he has in years. And grown up!

Then I talked to the middle one this morning. She is in love with life!  It makes me almost jealous, but then I realize, I have a great life and job I love too.  But it’s easy to get caught up in her enthusiasm and make you want to take on the world!

Ah-to be twenty again. Smile 

The good part though is they have cleaned out most of their stuff from the upstairs, so when I do decide what to do with the space, it will be easy to redecorate. I am leaning towards turning her room into a nice guest room, because they will eventually come home to visit, and leaving his room as a play room for the eventual grandchildren. Translation:  My nephew and his wife have a three year old and a newborn. They sometimes stay over night when we have family get togethers. Smile 

It’s so nice of my Sister-in-law to share her children and grandchildren with me in that way. 


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