Be Safe…

A friend from high school now lives in OK. He posts on Facebook “that thing is getting close.”  That thing is a tornado on the ground.  His friends, mostly Southerners post back, “Be Safe….”

To a Southerner those words say a lot.

  • We love you, take precautions.
  • Post when you get the all clear, so we will know you are fine.
  • We are praying in the meantime.
  • We know you have a safe room, water, a safe plan and you are doing all you can to keep  your family safe, until you get the all clear.
  • You got this. You’ve done this a million times before and will do it a million times again.

Yes, as Southerners, we are accustomed to tornadoes. We respect them as well. We are prepared.  But we know anyone in a direct hit of an F2 or higher tornado has very little time to prepare and is going to be lucky to walk away alive.  However, we do not let it define who we are. We stay always weather aware, because tornados peak in April and again in November. Any month is tornado month and we know that they can drop from the sky with no warning. 

Every Southern child can tell you where they were on certain dates. Mention April 3, 1974, April 27, 2001 to any child I know and they will tell you where the tornadoes hit, number of deaths and who they know who was left homeless.They’ll also tell stories of Mrs. Brown’s cow that was carried three miles, or the chickens roosting on Mrs. Jones’ fence that weren’t hurt. 

Yup, I live in the Deep South. It is tornado season.  Be safe….

And in the meantime, if you live in OK or Kansas, we are praying for your safety!


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