Cleaning up sources or God help the perfectionist….

It’s pretty known that I am a user of the Master Genealogist and I believe it has many good features to help it’s users create good sources.  However, even the most perfect genealogist, can find from time to time that they have been a little inconsistent in entering source data. 

Years ago, I decided not to abbreviate words like Page and Volume, though most style manuals say to, because my cousins would read my footnotes (yes, they actually read them) and would ask what does “p. 1” mean or what is “v. 16”.  For ease of use, and to save me some time to eat dinner at the family reunion, I decided that spelling out those words made my citations far easier to read, however old habits do die hard and at times I type “p. 1”, “page 1”, “Page 1”. Now that’s not that big a deal, but did I mention I am a perfectionist?  Luckily, TMG has a shareware companion program written by John Cardinal called TMG Utility.  One of the many features it has is the ability to change all my citations to use “Page 1” instead of "p. 1” or “page 1”.  In a matter of seconds, consistency!  Ah, perfection. 

So this morning I spent about ten minutes editing my citations to have a little consistency.  “will” and “Will” became “Will”.  “book” and Book” became “Book”.   “v. 1”, “volume” and “Volume” all became “Volume”.  Just a small thing, really, but sources look so much nicer when those small things are consistently entered. 

Now I am off to get some of my real life things done.  Only wish they had a utility that folded clothes.


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