Surname inferred?….


This post is so my TMG friends can help me understand why Mack does not have a surname. Anyone else can help if you know. Smile

Name style is called Name-Comm and the output template for the Project Explorer (PE) is: [Surname], [GivenName] ([Title]) [Suffix] 

Notice that  “, Mack” does sort correctly. His surname is inferred to be Hubbard. But the surname is not showing in the PE.


Here’s the Name-Comm tag on the Person View screen showing the name as Mack.  The surname Hubbard is inferred by TMG from his Primary Name tag. 

Any suggestions as to why the inferred name is not showing as many have asserted it should on TMG-L?  If I edit the Name-Comm tag and add Hubbard to the surname field, then it will show in the PE. 


The name tag screen for this tag.


One thought on “Surname inferred?….

  1. This turned out to be a bug in the program. The fix is simple. Open the tag and resave it. Then it creates the surname. This appears to have been a bug in a conversion from UFT to TMG around version 4.0d. I appear to be the only user with the issue, but if someone else sees it, pretty easy fix.

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