Best Laid Plans

This blog is as much about why I never get any research done as it is about the actual research.  #1 has finally become a Super Senior (year five) and as such has moved out into his own place. This is a great thing, because he and we were very ready for this step.  Didn’t think I’d say that four years ago, but I am ready for him to take his stuff and start his own life elsewhere.  But that left an empty room.

Now #2, being more independent, has also because a Senior (year four). She also already has a job, and a house with three other young ladies. So she, too, has taken her toys and moved on. 

Which means I have two empty rooms!  I’d decided to make #2’s room into a guest room. I figure at some point an elderly parent may have to move in , and our isolated downstairs bed and bath would be perfect for them, so I am decorating her room with the thought that Dad and I may one day move up there.  It has beautiful hardwood floors already, so I am going to paint, and but in a big bed and a nice dresser, and that’s it. Remember, I love open spaces!

But I hadn’t really decided what to do with #1’s old room. It is part of a bonus room above the garage. I don’t sew, and I have a beautiful home office downstairs, so I was dragging my heels a little deciding what to do with the space.  Figured indoor storage

Well, fast forward to #3.  Who will be 16 in a few days.  She, like her immigrant ancestors, saw free, open territory and decided it was time to homestead.  So for her birthday, she asked for a game room over the garage for her and her friends to hang out.

Simple. Paint the walls, that were formally orange to a deep steel blue, to match the dark steel grey carpet.  Paint the orange on the baseboards, so that they were once again white. #1 painted the room himself when he was ten. It was rather orange.  Once the walls were painted (two days tops), I was going to have the carpets cleaned, put out some funky new furniture, and move the gaming systems upstairs.  After watching way too many home improvement type shows, I was convinced this was a week long job.  #3 is in marching band. She goes to school at 7:30 am.  I pick her up at 6:30 pm most nights. I had plenty of time to work my part time job, and paint the room and keep the house clean. 

Best laid plans:


I spackled the holes in the wall, and the next day sanded.  Then painted. The spackle showed through no matter how good we sanded.  Had to sand off paint, and respackle. And repaint.  I bought semi-gloss paint and it was showing every imperfection. It’s a bonus room.  That housed a teenage boy for 8 years. There are lots of imperfections.

After spackling and waiting to dry and sanding for the first week, we finally could start painting. All was going well, until I decided to move the desk away from the wall to paint behind it. It was one of those flat pack desks with a hutch. When we moved it, it fell apart.  So it took the best part of two nights to remove everything, and find a place to put it, repair the desk and move it, and finally be able to begin spackling again behind the desk.

Finally, we were at the stage of just doing touch up and I was doing a little touchup, when I decided to vacuum the room a little.  Knocked over a can of paint.  Carpet cleaner wouldn’t work. Green machine was missing a part.  Called Mom. “Sure”, she says, “come get mine.”  Turns out hers is a carpet scrubber. It just spreads the love around.  Doesn’t suck.  Green machine would suck, so I spend nearly two hours spraying the carpet with water from a spray bottle, sucking it up with the Green machine.

So Hubby is graciously working on the room today. Carpet guys are cleaning carpet Monday, and hopefully by Tuesday, I can vacuum without open paint cans, and put out the funky new furniture and gaming equipment.  Then I can surprise her on her birthday with the new game room. 

But today, I nap. No matter what, it is Sunday, and I intend to nap….


4 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Thanks for the laugh today. I knew that these types of events did not just happen to me, so was nice to hear about someone’s mishaps and everyday happenings. The best part was the humor in the telling. 🙂

  2. Thanks. It wasn’t funny at the time, but now I can laugh a little. Carpet guys are working to finish the room. Room reveal day is Sunday!

  3. You give me courage to work on my craft room. I need to get hard surface flooring in there as the carpet is driving me crazy (and hiding pins and sequins). Your persistence is the encouragement I need to tackle this project.

  4. Yes, carpet in a sewing room would be a disaster on the feet. 🙂 I’d hate to do a craft room. Luckily #1 had moved most of his stuff out but the desk, so there wasn’t a lot to deal with.

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