Just a Tease….

With just a few days before the big room reveal, I thought you might want a little tease. 🙂

When we set up the nursery for #1, we bought this bed:IMG_0599

It was white with brass fittings back in those days. It comes with a trundle, so it makes out into a very uncomfortable queen size bed.  It was very handy in those late night feedings and when I just needed a nap while the kids played in the safety of the nursery. All three of my children learned to walk by holding on to the mattress and walking the length of it hundreds of times.

#2 got her first chance at decorating when she was twelve, by spray painting it a bright blue to go in her bedroom.

When we started discussing how to decorate the game room, Hubby was insistent it needed a bed for sleepovers. I kept pointing out that a bed slept one person and the floor slept twenty, but he really wanted a bed.  I, on the other hand, was financing this deal and was perfectly happy with the floor and some sleeping bags.  But then he remembered this bed in the attic. 

Great, “ said I, “I’ll spray paint it black.”  The room is a steel grey/blue in color, with all black accents.  Hubby is a white, with little pink flowers kind of guy. He hasn’t warmed up to the black accents just yet.  But he agreed, when he realized the bed was neon blue, that it had to be painted.  I bought the paint by myself.

So in true form with the room, got home and I’d bought flat paint, not glossy. Had to go back to Wal-Mart and exchange it. I don’t know if Wal-Mart’s paint is faulty, or if I got a bad can, but it barely did one side of the bed before it sizzled out.  There was more on me than on the bed.  So I decided the Dollar General Store would work just as well, since A) it’s two miles from home. B ) it was thundering, and C) I hate Wal-Mart.

So I got three cans for the price of one and home to spray paint the bed.

Now a little note about Hubby.  First off, he’s a perfectionist. Secondly, he’s the third child of four. When his momma had to do any home repairs, she sent the kids off to play, so she could work in peace and quiet.  My mom only had me and my brother who had Cerebral Palsy. She had to have help with home improvement issues, because she had a limited amount of time that my brother was going to cooperate.  I either helped, or entertained my brother, but we were always right there together.  This, ladies, may explain why Hubby and his mom get along great, and me and mine have tendencies to butt heads.  Just saying.

So from his mom, Hubby learned to basically hand over the credit card and leave me alone.  From my mom, I learned Finished is better than Perfect.  It’s an antique bedstead. It is not going to look showroom perfect, no matter how careful you are.  The room reveal is Sunday.  The bed is beautiful in the back yard, but it will look ten times better in the room with the new dust ruffle and zebra print blanket on it.  Or it can sit out there for two more weeks while I fix every little imperfection.  Hubby will probably work on it tonight for two hours, because he’s looking for perfection.  All in all, for a 23 year old bed that has been in three nurseries, a teenage girl’s room and an attic, I think it looks great all by itself….

So enjoy your little tease.  I promise to share a little more after the room reveal.


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