Joseph Morgan Burke County, NC to Joseph Morgan Davidson County, TN

So I am pretty sure that Joseph Morgan and Nancy Curtis are somehow my ancestors. Their son Job came to Jackson County around 1802.  I think their son Daniel also came to Jackson County and  I think he is the father of my Joseph.  Here’s the problem. Burned county. Can’t seem to prove it.  Daniel has a son the right age to be my Joseph in 1830, and I think he may have been somewhere in North Carolina still in 1820. (There are several Daniel Morgan’s in TN and NC in 1820, just not sure which is mine).  But by 1840, Daniel has disappeared and Joseph is HOH.  By 1860, Joseph is in Davidson County, TN where he dies (most likely of Yellow Fever) in 1878.  He is buried about 2 miles from where I grew up.  The Joseph Morgan family was from the Morganton area of Burke County, NC.  Joseph served in the Revolutionary war and in 1800 had three grown men living in his household besides himself.  In 1801, Daniel and Ann sue Robert Craig for money owed Joseph’s estate.  His Revolutionary records state he died in 1815, but I think that may have been a mistake.  Still trying to determine which records go with Joseph or Joseph Sr who many state was his father.


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