Research Goals 2014….

I think it helps to have goals in life, so that we achieve things that are important to us. Goals should be ever shifting. 2013 taught me that.  #1, after four years of college, decided he wanted to take a break and enter the work force for a while. Maybe permanently. His goals had changed and we are embracing having a kid out of the house and on his own.  He’s still looking for a job, but I have every faith he will find one and do well at it.  Goals shift, they change, but they are in place to help us achieve a target, and so I looked at my genealogy goals for 2013, to scan and organize what I had on paper and decided I was bored with it and frankly, wasn’t doing it because of that.

So like my eldest, I stood back and looked at the big picture and bravely decided that while scanning was a good goal, it was no longer the goal I wanted to achieve and it was time to change courses for a while.

When I started genealogy, I had one goal in mind. Find my children’s ancestors through their third great grandparents and well document each line.  In the last few years, I have worked on two brick wall ancestors and gotten away from that original goal. But recently, I realized I do know all of their third great ancestors, and so my new goal for 2014:

Fully research, source and know everything I can about the 62 men and women that make up those first 5 generations of my children’s pedigree charts.  Find every will, census, deed, Bible, etc and create a well documented 5 generation pedigree chart for my children. 

The bulk of the research is done, and I feel like this task is easily accomplished in 2014.  Along the way, I’ll be adding scans of  the documentation I need for proof, thus I will be working on my old goal a little as well.

I feel like 2014 will be a good year for me and my eldest.  We haven’t thrown in the towel on an old goal, but rather we have embraced the excitement of moving to a new goal that better suites our needs.  And if not, we can always regroup in 2015 and set yet another new goal.  That’s the beauty of goals:  They are always shifting and changing….


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