Cousin Drama….

There is nothing like a public forum, like say, Facebook, to bring out the best  worse in people.  And from time to time someone will post something vague on the public forum like “if you do that again, you’ll wish you were dead.”  Someone else will post “what’s up boo?”  Which apparently is permission to open up a can of personal family problems in a public forum.  Saw that happen today and since I am very passive aggressive and don’t really want to join the scuffle, I thought I’d share the following advice with those of you who aren’t as passive aggressive or who like me, don’t participate, but have enjoyed watching a few encounters like this over the years.  Enjoy.

So if you are inclined to participate in such cat fights, let me give you some friendly advice from the truly sane among us:

1)  If you are going to call your arch rival “stupid”, then please, by all means be sure you understand the difference between “your’ and “you’re”; “their”, “they’re” and “there” and finally “loose” and “lose”. examples:  You’re going to die. Your husband is a jerk.  Their children are neglected, they’re going to be sorry and we were just over there.  Finally, she is going to lose custody…. (You’ve all got a few screws loose.)

2)  If you are going to throw out derogatory accusations about your opponent, by all means, please be sure you understand the definitions of said words, so we don’t have to read how you are more of an “derogatory accusation” than your opponent is.  There are lots of places online to find these definitions, though you may need to be able to spell them.

3) If you are going to post your dirty laundry in a public forum, please by all means, don’t be surprised when family members of your arch enemy pile on.  The gene pool isn’t that varied.  Isn’t that your point?

4) If you are going to post your dirty laundry in a public forum, please do not delete posts before those of us who have day jobs get home. Otherwise, it just looks like you are arguing with yourself.  Plus, we want to be able to follow the entire thread and missing posts just makes that impossible. We realize you are home all day because you don’t have a job. But at least have pity on those of us who do work.

5) Finally, if you are going to post your dirty laundry in a public forum, please understand that I intend to pop popcorn and watch.  All the way from the first accusation till the point where you feel guilty and have your melt down.  Thanks for the entertainment.


2 thoughts on “Cousin Drama….

  1. Oh, you had me in stitches with this post! I’ve seen posts like this so many times and have been stunned by people and their drama.

  2. The funny thing is, they are always the exact same. I have been online for over 20 years. Even in the old BBS days, you’d see a fight blow up and it would be the exact same way. Today, they are in stage two:
    “We just won’t ever have anything to do with those people again.”
    I give it to Sunday. 🙂

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