DAR Applications

For twenty three years, I have researched my family.  And raised a family. When the kids were little, I was a member of a local computer genealogy society, but motherhood and the expense of driving that far caught up with me, and I dropped out.  But in the last few months, one kid got a job and the other graduated college and got a job, and so now I am at home with one pretty self sufficient teenager and a guinea pig and decided it was time I did some stuff for me.

So I decided about a month ago to join the DAR.  I went online and found my ancestor had already been accepted and so I began the process. First things, first, I sent an email and got in contact with a local DAR chapter.  Then I needed to get some proof for my grandfather and great grandfather’s deaths.  Sent a form and $7 to the TN Department of Vital Statistics and waited about two weeks. Got my form and checks back.  My great grandfather’s death certificate is over 50 years old, so it is no longer held a the Department of Vital Statistics. So I sent a form and $10 to the State Archives. Not sure why the exact same document would be three dollars more once it is housed at the State Archives, but there in is how governments work.

Called the Department of Vital Statistices because they’d also sent back the form for my grandfather and my check and sent  a form wanting $15 to “verify the cause of death.”  I don’t need the cause of death for the DAR, and I was there when he died. I know the cause of death.  Just don’t have a copy of his death certificate.  When I called them, she replied, “It needs to state it is for the DAR”.  Um DUH lady, it plainly states on the line that says, “REASON” DAR APPLICATION.  So I write DAR APPLICATION in huge letters on the top of the form, and mail it back to them. Why does it take $8 extra to verify the cause of death when it’s plainly written on the death certificate they can send me for $7? ANYONE?

So now I am waiting for the documents to come and started last night marking the documents that I have to get ready to meet with my Regent.  Only have to prove generations 1-4. The rest have been proven and accepted by the DAR.  Had I known it was this easy, I’d joined 20 years ago.

Once I realized how easy it was, I started through my list of ancestors. So far 21 of my ancestors have already been proven as DAR patriots. Three had notes that service would need to be proven.  The rest I could join on by simply paying my check for the application fee. Once these four lines are proven, linking to the other 20 men is a piece of cake. 

So this just lends me to what I have always said. I am an American.  My family was here living on American soil and ready to fight for her freedom in 1775.  At least 21 branches of them. 🙂


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