So They Think I Am Kidding….

When I tell people that my family was from TN they think I am just joking.  So today on Facebook, one of those memes comes across “States Which I have Visited”.  So I decide to shake it up a little and do states my ancestors were born in. I used all my ancestors through my fifth great grandfathers. One hundred and sixty one candidates.  Not all birth states are known, but those that were known look like this:



And then I decided to do the states they died in. Same people:


And there you have it.  One ancestor decided to migrate as far west as Missouri. He died there. His daughter and her descendants stayed in TN.  I have one ancestor that died in GA, and his daughter was born there. After his death, his wife migrated to TN. But for the rest of them, land on the east coast. Stay until the Revolutionary war, take as much land as they could grab, migrate into Middle TN. Stay there for another 400 years. 🙂  At least my kid’s map will be more interesting.  They should get to add AL to the death map.

So there you have it.  The most boring migration route in the world. Though it does make for interesting research.


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