2015 Genealogical Resolutions

My resolution for 2014 was to get more organized and I did just that. Didn’t find any new ancestors, but the claims I have on old ones are much stronger now.  I started using Evernote as my research log for genealogy and as of today I have 2141 notes (mostly documents) in Evernote!  As I added documents, I also have been cleaning up my source citations in TMG, so my printouts are looking much nicer there too.  And added bonus is I am not duplicating effort anymore. That is saving me time and money.

So it’s time to make some resolutions for 2015:

1) I want to continue getting the documents I have already found into Evernote, and the source citations cleaned up in TMG and hopefully have that process finished in 2015 (I have 3700+ sources in TMG, so that is a BIG task).

2) I want to branch my ancestors out of TN (around 1798) and into VA and NC and learn to find records for their parents and grand parents there. My 5th great grandparents were Tennesseans, so this is going to be an adventure!

3) I want to finish using all the free TN probate records at Family Search for the counties I research in most often. I have one note per roll of microfilm in Evernote, and I am working my way through those free records looking for my ancestors. I hope to finish this task in 2015.

4) I hope to see the TN deeds come online in 2015, so I have some research goals for 2016!!!!

5) I hope to get all my ancestors through my fifth greats well documented and the narrative reports for those well written in TMG so I can share that information at any time without needing a month to clean up sources and narrative first. I want to make sure I have primary and secondary sources to prove each piece of that information, so I don’t have to explain I have no idea where that information came from ever again!

6) I want to continue my genealogical education by taking time to read blogs, listen to podcasts, study well written articles on topics like WWI, WWII, the Revolutionary War, etc that I may not know enough about as a genealogist.

7) I want to make sure when I say a record doesn’t exist for an ancestor that I can show that I have done an EXHAUSTIVE search of all available records, both online and off.

8) If deeds haven’t come online I hope to scan the photocopied images I have and get them entered into Evernote and TMG this year. Here’s hoping that Family Search puts the original scans online, since some of my photocopies are 25+years old.

9) I would like to finish my task of researching my ancestors in the large genealogical book repository at the public library. I started this task this week of recording every book for each county as a note in Evernote and then recording what each book had on each of my ancestors that lived in that county as part of that note.  With some 30 ancestors in each county and at least 16 books per county, this is going to be a big endeavor as well.

10) I would like to do all of the above while maintaining some semblance of order in my home, caring for my teenager, husband and mom and doing the best I can at my job.  Plus occasional sleep would be nice.
So what about you?  Any resolutions for your genealogical new year?


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