Resolved: Step One

Part of my resolution for 2014 was to be better organized and it totally plays into all of my 2015 resolutions as well, so here is step one:

Get what I already have organized into Evernote.  I have been researching for over 25+ years. I don’t use online trees, or shaky notes (but if you do, that’s fine, just not my style).  I prefer to find the information myself, make my own conclusions and I figure if they can find it, so can I. 🙂  So I have tons of original documents (8 filing cabinets worth) on my computer and not yet on my computer.  I have BOXES of old photos to scan and organize (who doesn’t if they are a genealogist right).

Even though my computer files are very organized, in Evernote I can attach a source citation, type in information about the document and see an image all in one spot.  Plus tag ancestors, census rolls, microfilm roll numbers, etc and make sorting documents very easy.

Here’s the issue:  I have 23 GB of images in my Pictures folder. Now I could purchase a year of Evernote and dump 4 GBs a month into Evernote and in about 7 months have all those images in Evernote. OR I could use the free version and limit myself to 60 MB which means I have to take the time to organize those 60 MB before moving on.  For right now, I am using the free version, just because it is limiting. That means I have to deal with citing and organizing the data 60 MB at a time.  Now that doesn’t mean I won’t buy the Premium version after the holidays when I have a lot of cold winter hours to work. But right now, with Christmas 2 weeks away, my job gets pretty busy this time of the year (doesn’t’ t yours?) and there’s this small thing called decorating, shopping, and cooking for the holidays to deal with. I would be happy this morning with time for a shower. 🙂

So I used this months data to put all my Bennett images into Evernote including a very large cemetery and one document at a time, I am copying the source citations from TMG.  And can you believe I have documents that I scanned or downloaded that have never made it into TMG?  I bet you can somehow. 🙂

Once I did that I only had 1 MB of data for the month left, so that Premium version may be closer than I think, though I suspect with two major holidays and two birthdays between now and when it rolls over that 1 MB may be enough. 🙂

So once a document is in Evernote, I go to TMG and copy my source citation (after making sure I don’t need additional data for the citation first).  Note: I don’t really use any style guide so don’t be surprised if my citations don’t look like yours. I like them and I can find the record again, and I ain’t publishing to a Genealogical Journal anytime soon so I am leaving them the way they are.  Your mileage may vary. 🙂

And here is what the note looks like:

Stephin Bennett household, Rutherford County, TN, Civil District 8, page 328, Family 66, [National Archives Microfilm M593, Roll Number 1557-8].  1870 Federal Population Census, Rutherford County (part), TN, (National Archives Microfilm M593, Roll No. 1557), National Archives, Washington, D. C.  


I then tag the ancestors listed, the microfilm roll number, Bennett Census and 1870 Census research. 


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