Finishing 2014 Genealogy Strong….

Just a few more days in 2014. My goals for this year in Genealogy were to get more organized and boy did I take that on board.  I finally gave in and purchased a year of Evernote because I have been making such good progress getting my notes into it and making sure sources are cited well and I decided for about $4 a month, it was worth it for the 4GB of data.

So for the next two weeks my plans are to clean up as many of my 3755 sources as I can and scan the document into my computer and put it into Evernote. Fortunately for me about 80% is already scanned and the sources are for the most part in good shape.  So this process should go fairly quickly.  I plan on working on at least 20 sources per day.  At that rate, it will take me about 188 days to get through the entire list, but I know a lot of the sources are already scanned and in Evernote, so some days I will be able to do more than 20 easily.  That means by about June I should have my sources in Evernote and tagged and searchable.  That will accomplish some of my 2015 research goals as well. 🙂

Fortunately for me I am a fairly organized researcher so I just need to tie up some loose ends.  And of course, still research!


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