Recording a Document in 10 Easy Steps….

So here it is.  Genealogy the lazy way.

1.  Find Document (online, on microfilm, etc)

2. Acquire Copy of Document (photocopy then scan, download, photograph with phone)  Just get it into some digital format.

3.  Save to image to hard drive and file hard copy (if one was created) in filing cabinet.. Once again, my filing system is simple: Surname- Document Type-Person’s Name

4. Put copy of image of document into Evernote.

5.Create source citation in TMG.  Copy source output and add it to Evernote note with image of document.

6. Tag notes with microfilm number, SURNAME DOCUMENT Type (Haynes Wills, Haynes Marriages, etc), etc.

7. Find person in TMG and create event(s) for the document. Link any witnesses to the event(s).  Some documents may point us to more than one event in a person’s life. (i. e. a marriage record could give not only the marriage date and place, but the birth date and place as well.)

8. Transcribe document and copy that transcription to the memo field of event in TMG and to Evernote note for the document.

9. Cite the source in the event(s) source fields.  Documents can cover more than one event. (i.e. census make tell birth dates and places, marriage year, military service, occupation)

10.  Attach image to the event in TMG.



4 thoughts on “Recording a Document in 10 Easy Steps….

  1. I find putting the document into Evernote helps me with the citations. I usually keep Family Search open so I can make sure I have page numbers and book numbers recorded as well.

  2. THanks Pat. Sorry it took a while for me to approve your reblog. Been busy. 🙂 I appreciate it though.

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