Just 15 minutes….

“Just 15 minutes. You couldn’t have waited 15 minutes.” We had that discussion every year, for you see, I’d missed her 10th birthday by 15 minutes. I was born at 11:45 and I am sure at 10 she was excited that I was going to be born on her birthday. But alas, I came the day before.
We had this thing growing up. On our cake, we’d swap the numbers. Instead of being 13, I was 31. Instead of being 23, she’d be 32. On that one day, we’d only be a year apart in age.
She was my best friend, sister, aunt, all rolled into one. My mom’s baby sister. She was the cool one that would let me do things Mom and Dad wouldn’t like stay up late, and eat junk food for breakfast. She was a horrible driver and it’s only by some miracle that she didn’t kill us driving around town. She was a fantastic card player. She could count cards and just once I would have loved to have gone with her to Vegas, just to watch. She was fantastically competitive.
And at 44 she was gone and with it, a huge part of my heart. Today she would have been 59. Happy 95th Birthday Nannie. I love you so very much.


This was my tribute last year to my Aunt, Annie Elizabeth Morgan Calkins Bridgers Gray.  On the 11th, she would be sixty. Tomorrow I will be 50.  Oh, to be able to hang out with her just once more.  She left behind three beautiful children whom she adored. Whenever I see pictures of her grandchildren, who are her made over, I only wish she had lived to watch them grow up.

Happy Birthday Nannie.  Sorry I couldn’t wait just 15 minutes more to be born


Ann Morgan


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