Week Two Genealogy Go Over….



Setting Research Goals:

I already posted my 2015 research goals here:

2015 Genealogical Resolutions
And I have already begun working on those as well.

Conducting Self Interview:

Start with what one knows.  Enter that information into TMG. 
Since I not only have that information from memory and also backed up with sources I feel like I am in good shape with this one. One thing I did in 2014 was join the DAR. I had to prove the first four generations of my pedigree chart.  This meant getting together all those documents.  I also recorded in TMG where Hubby and I lived in the 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010 census.  Now if I die before my Genealogical Heir can ask, they will know where to find us as those census enumerations are released, if they ever are.  But one thing I did do was order two death certificates that I know haven’t been scanned and put into TMG. They are on the top of this week’s to do list.

Conducting Family Interviews:

Because of her age, and because of some family issues that have come up on Facebook lately, Mom has been very forth coming with a lot of information about family members.  In fact this week, she has told me more things than she has told me in the past and I have got to do a better job or recording this information, because at 73, her memory is better than mine. 🙂   So this week, despite the fact that most of it isn’t always complementary to family members, I intend to begin recording that in tags in TMG.  Though I may never print any of it, at least I will have that if someone should ask in the future. And with DNA becoming what it is, I fully expect in the very near future for it to become an issue. This is one area I am lacking. While mom tells me stuff about family, I rarely record it in my genealogy.  And depending my memory to last another 30 years is asking A LOT!.   So this week, I am going to put on paper and then into the computer the knowledge my  mother has. It may not be pretty, but it is what it is. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week Two Genealogy Go Over….

  1. I am thinking of having her talk while I record on my voice recorder. That way she would forget it was there after a while. Then I could always have it. Just need to remember where I put the recorder. 🙂

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