If You Did Genealogy Using my FB Feed….


I have one of those weird Southern families that anyone remotely related (and by related I mean may have known) the family is a cousin. Then add in that some of my family are related several crazy ways that even as the family genealogist, I can’t explain.  But someone on the outside of the family would drive themselves crazy if they tried to do genealogy with my Facebook feed.

Cases in point:

1) I get an email from a lady whose husband is my second cousin once removed.  Technically she’d be my second cousin one removed by marriage. But she’s also a genealogist and we love each other so we simply call each other Cuz.  We talk a lot and always end our posts, love you Cuz.  A newby to genealogy might think we had a common grandmother or grandfather, but they’d be mistaken.

2) My aunt and uncle were 2nd cousins.  I am close to one of my second cousins on my uncle’s side of the family, who is also a first cousin to my cousins on my aunts side of the family (lost yet). We went to high school and were good friends. We call each other Cuz as well.  If you ask my first cousin, she’ll tell you this lady her first cousin and that is true. But you won’t find her in my first cousin list.

3) Then there was this post today. My uncle’s (by marriage) brother, was talking to the son of my uncle’s ex wife. (His step son) on FB.  As far as I know they aren’t related.  But they ended the post Love you Cuz.  Of course, what relationship do you use  for your step uncle in the south?  The same step uncle and I grew up together. Although this aunt and uncle were rumored to be related, I have never proven how. So we just called each other Cuz.

I do have many first cousins. Some I am friends with on Facebook. Many I am not.  Most likely if you see me talking to a Cuz on FB, it is a second or third cousin.  We are from the south. We love each other.  And yes, we know how we are related.  Just don’t try and figure it out from our Facebook feeds. 🙂


6 thoughts on “If You Did Genealogy Using my FB Feed….

  1. You nearly lost me on #3! 😉 I have lots of friends on FB who are my cousins. We don’t bother with the 2C, 5C2R, 7C, 6C1R, etc. identifiers since most relationships are multiple.

  2. Cathy, the relationship between these two is pretty straight forward. When the nephew was about 10, my uncle married his mother, making the uncle his step uncle. But my uncle had been married to my mother’s sister before hand so he was my uncle by marriage. The boys mother had been married to my mother’s cousin, So her girls are my second cousins. I am not related to the boys, who had another father. However, it’s possible that the step uncle and the mother were related as well. Confused even more. This family is why I use genealogy software. 🙂

  3. I don’t bother with it. Currently I have three children. My son’s FB states that he has two brothers and two sisters. My daughter has two siblings. My youngest at one point had eight siblings. It may be fun, but there’s no way a serious genealogist would use it for data. I only use FB as a source if someone posts a birth or death announcement on it.

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