Genealogy Go Over Week 7




Yes, I know I am late getting this one up. Blame Thomas who went off to something called Rootstech and wasted a week wearing tiaras and beads.  😉 (Just kidding Thomas, everyone deserves some down time and a working down time is probably the best kind. ) However, due to traveling and what he calls “being a control freak”, whatever that is, he got his post up late and that made me later and so here we are…  As I said in an earlier post, life happens.  Conferences, birthdays, sickness, work….  And that is what happened this week to Thomas. Most of the genealogy world took a break to go to Rootstech and that’s okay.  That’s the beauty of genealogy. Dead guys aren’t going anywhere.  And we genealogist need to get new training and hang out with other people that get it from time to time. So here’s how am I going to deal with this week’s topics.

Reviewing Genealogy Database Software

I have used numerous genealogy softwares over the year. I am considered by many to be a guru of The Master Genealogist. which basically is defined as someone with way too much time on their hands.   🙂 But as many of you know, TMG is no longer being supported because it’s underlying database FoxPro is no longer being supported.  Not being supported and not working are two different things however.  As far as support goes, for the most part, I am one of the users most people go to when they need help with TMG.  I am, by far, not the most perfect person to go to, but I am one of the ones that understand it a great deal, so when I did need support with TMG, it was usually pretty serious, or I had found a bug.  So not having support from Whollygenes isn’t the end of the world for me.  And version 9 is fairly bug free.

I have looked at all of the competitors to TMG. The main two being Legacy and Rootsmagic. Both are great programs, with excellent support. I have sent emails to both companies and gotten immediate response. I would be a happy customer with either company and would recommend either product to a friend just starting out. HOWEVER, I am not just starting out and there are so many features in TMG that the other two haven’t even gotten to yet, that to move to them, in my opinion, right now, would be a step backwards.  That doesn’t mean there won’t come a day when I make that step, it’s just not going to be today. I do watch both software companies for updates and maybe soon they will add the features I need to make me take the leap. 

Some of those features are: 

  • Customizable source templates:   I do not use any template that came with TMG. Every source template I have has been customized. 
  • Customizable source elements:  Within those templates, I want to be able to name my source elements whatever I choose and have those show up on my templates. 
  • A place to store microfilm or deed/will book information:  I only want to enter this information ONE TIME. In TMG, I can use the repository field, but in the other software, repositories are mainly places.  That’s not very helpful to me. Give me a place to enter microfilm or deed/will book information and link to it, so I only have to enter it once. Then this needs to something I can add to my source template so this information prints.  Allow me to add tasks to that microfilm or deed/will book link. 
  • Color code event tags:  Not just people and have it so those same colors print on FGS. (The later is not a feature of TMG, but oh, how I wish it were). 
  • Allow for multiple people to be attached to a tag: And have multiple roles for each tag. Get rid of the idea of a PRINCIPAL. 
  • Print reports chronologically: Get rid of the idea of family events and person events.  Just allow me to link as many people to an event as I want. Assign a role to each person and refer to other roles in sentences.  This is one area where TMG is far superior to anyone else on the market.  I understand the need to limit an event when printing to a chart, but don’t limit me as well when printing narratives.

Digitizing Photos and Documents

The genealogy UGGG moment.  We all have stacks after stack after stack of these to do.  So like most of you, I am working on it a little at a time.  When I do photos, I add them to my Facebook page and tag the cousins that are in the picture. It keeps me motivated.  In the meantime, my method of dealing with these is to hope they magically scan themselves. 🙂


Just like to welcome all my genealogy friends home from Rootstech.  Hope you had a great time. Hope to have time to watch some of the streaming videos myself in the coming weeks. Maybe I can watch and scan at the same time….

Until tomorrow, have a great Do Over.


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