Genealogy Go Over-The Epiphany…..

I have been doing the Go over now for 7 weeks and I admit that this week, I haven’t even read Thomas’ email.  For one, the deep south has been anticipating this:

And so, I have been busy watching the weather and preparing… Okay I have been doing what ever southerner does when 3-10 inches of snow is predicted. I bought junk food and more junk food. 
But today the snow has kept us home and after working a bit this morning, I decided to get back to my do over. 
I have been looking at Administrator’s Bonds for Wilson County, TN and setting up research notes in Evernote. 

I use the Tennessee microfilm inventories to help me set up research notes and today I have been working on Wilson County, TN Roll 207.  On Family Search, that is broken down into four different record sets, but at the state archives, they are all on one roll of film. I only create one research note in Evernote, but I create a box for each record set so I can work on them one at a time at Family Search.  I make notes about the record set on my research note in Evernote, like “indexed at end of roll”, “hard to read” and/or “handwriting really good”.  Though I admit that last one is rare. :)Here is a portion of my research note for Wi207:  I divide each section in a box by first creating a 1×1 table.


I have a list of ancestors that lived in the county and as you can see, I have checked them off and made notes as I went along.  I will record information about others in the county with those surnames as well. Once I have done the entire four record sets, I will tag the note with all my ancestors either found or not. But for now, I am still working on this research task.

When I find a document, I make a note for the document and save it as well. I tag it as well with Wi207: It’s hard to tell, but the image is part of this note. The source citation is in the box above the image….If this were a direct ancestor I would also tag it with his name, but this is a 2nd cousin 4 times removed, so I do not.


I had created a custom source type for this roll of microfilm (at the state archives) and record set (at Family Search) and was wondering how I would ever remember to use it again, when it hit me. Create a note for the source citation template and tag it with Wi207 as well. (Notice I tagged it with rolls Wi207-Wi212. They are all the same record types.)


So there you have it. My research task note, my document note, and my custom source template note all tied together with the common Wi207 (Wilson County, TN roll 207)….

My epiphany for the day!  Now I must go find out what Thomas wanted me to be doing this week. 🙂   My guess is getting more organized and finding probate records for 2nd cousins 4 times removed is where he eventually wants us all to go, so I won’t worry if I got off task too much this week.  Supposed to be 60 degrees next week, so I will have spring fever!

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