Genealogy Go Over Week 8


Yup, I am behind. This week can’t blame Thomas or his tiaras. Instead have to blame a lack of caring on my part.  Winter has hit the Deep South, schools have been closed, having a hard time finding motivation to work, clean house, do much besides watch the snow and pray for spring…. I hate this time of year. So much to do, no motivation to get it done. So I do the very necessary parts and don’t worry about the rest. As soon as the weather warms, I get motivated and work double time. So if the laundry piles up a little, no worry, soon I will be cleaning out closets and all those missing clothes we do wear make getting rid of the ones we don’t far easier.

So here it is my week 8 progress.

Conducting Collateral Research:

For my Go Over, I started with my mother’s family, the Joseph Morgan family of Jackson and Davidson County, TN. I am working on scanning all documents I have, citing all documents I have, and making sure that everything is in EVERNOTE. And then finding as many records that I don’t have that are online so that when I do get to go to the state Archives, all I need to do is research not found online.

So anyone with a Morgan surname in Jackson County, TN and the 5th and 6th Districts of Davidson County, TN are being researched. I am convinced that Joseph is related to these people and someday I intend to figure out how.  For now, I know he is not a descendant of Job Morgan, though I do believe he could be a nephew.

At the rate I am going with this project, I will need another 40 Go Overs to get all the information I currently have scanned and moved into my computer program.  It’s amazing the records I have found that were never put into TMG.

Reviewing Offline Education Options:

Frankly, I haven’t done anything on this.  I attend my monthly DAR meetings and I research and try and listen to online options.  Beyond that, I just don’t have that much time to give to this.  I prefer to listen to online experts in my free time than to go to local societies. My experience with these are they are often done by someone locally (I don’t have ancestors from this area), who have very limited genealogy experience.  Often I find I leave wanting to take them aside and give them resources to look at before their next talk.  Perhaps this is me thinking I always know more than the other person (a good complaint about me), but I find my time is the most valuable asset that I have and I’d rather listen to a talk from Rootstech on my computer over sitting in a cold library listening to an older woman talk about deeds and wills and how they can be important to our research.

Now there are exceptions.  A few years ago I got to attend a talk by Megan Smolenyak on DNA.  It was worth the time and money I spent on the lecture and I really enjoyed it. Met several friends there that I didn’t know even did genealogy.  So let’s just say, that will I won’t say I won’t go to a local genealogy lecture, it has to be one that I feel is worth my while to attend. 

But I do keep up with what our local libraries are doing via email and Facebook and if one of those lectures comes up, I will make time to go. In the meantime, I will continue to get my genealogy information online, most likely at 2 am when I can’t sleep, because the beauty of a streaming lecture is it can be viewed whenever is convenient for the listener.  From any where in the world!

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