Slaves of Reverend John Dillahunty….

John Dillahunty Inventory Page 19

John Dillahunty: inventory (17 Jun 1816), Davidson County, TN Book 7, Page 19. Viewed online on 13 Mar 2015 searching “Tennessee, Probate Court Books, 1795-1927” at  Official copy held by Davidson County, TN, Will Book 7, Roll 0428, Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville TN.

John Dillahunty’s inventory (above) mentions the following slaves: (information in italics came from John’s will dated 31 May 1810)  Ages are from the inventory dated 1816

Dinda: very old-Due to her good conduct, she was emancipated by his will at the death of her mistress.  She was to live with his daughter Rachel and her husband Joseph Johnson and work for her maintenance.
Venus: 33 years old-was given to Rachel (his daughter) and her husband Joseph Johnson.
York: 13 years-was given to John Dillahunty (son of William Dillahunty) He was to be hired out by Sally Dillahunty until John came of age. The money arising from hiring out York would be divided between Isaac and William Dillahunty as their share of the estate.
Stephen 10 or 11 years- was given to John B. Dillahunty (son of Thomas Dillahunty-John’s son)
Amy and Lee: small children Amy was given to his daughter Mary Ann West.  Lee is not mentioned in the will. It is possible that he was born after the will was written but before the inventory was taken.


5 thoughts on “Slaves of Reverend John Dillahunty….

  1. You are welcome. I don’t know that this will help anyone since they most likely died before emancipation, but at least now the names are out there.

  2. I am desended from John Dillahunty’s daughter Anna and John Colvett. This makes me sad that he owned slaves. I’m glad you’ve posted this as it may help their descendents.
    Beckie Colvett

  3. Beckie,
    Welcome cousin! I posted the information on John Dillahunty as part of a project to help descendants of former slaves find their families. And for us to find each other. Hope you enjoyed the post.

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