And our ancestor is NOT FOUND on….

Ever wish you had a good way of keeping up with all those books and microfilm that your ancestor WAS NOT FOUND on?

Well, by carefully naming my Evernote microfilm notes and book notes, and by tagging them with my ancestor’s Not Found tag, I can do just that:


Here are a sampling of the microfilm and books I have looked for Burnett Victory on and that he WAS NOT FOUND.

      1. B044 Bedford County, TN Probate Records Administrators and Executors Bonds and Letters Books 1- 2 (1861-1894)

      2. B045 Bedford County, TN Probate Records Administrators and Executors Bonds and Letter Books Books 3-4 (1894-Feb 1917)

      3. B057 Bedford County, TN Probate Records Guardian Bonds and Letters Books D-E (Dec 1894 – Nov 1930)

      4. B101 Bedford County, TN Probate Records Wills and Inventories Books E-F (Jul 1890-Feb 1901)

      5. Early Middle Tennessee Marriages V. 1 Grooms

      6. H 976.858 MAR: Bedford County, TN Wills

      7. H 976.8583 MAR V.1: Bedford County, Tennessee Bible Records Volume 1

      8. H 976.8583 MAR V.2: Bedford County, Tennessee Bible Records Volume 2

      9. H 976.8583 MAR: Bedford County, Tennessee wills & vital records from newspapers (1996 Volume)

      10. H 976.8583 MAR: Chancery Court Records of Bedford County, Tennessee

      11. H 976.8583 MAR: Land deed genealogy of Bedford County Tennessee, 1861-1865 The War and Reconstruction Years Volume 2

      12. H 976.8583 MAR: Land deed genealogy of Bedford County, Tennessee, 1807-1852

      13. H 976.8583 MAR: The Burned Deed Index of Bedford County, TN 1852-1861

      14. H 976.8583 PHI: The Jennings-Phillips collection of early Bedford County, Tennessee records

      15. H 976.8583 Soldiers of the Revolution in Bedford County

      16. H976.8 SIS Index to Early Tennessee Tax Lists

      17. H976.8 SIS v.2 Tennessee Land Grants Volume II Surnames L-Z and Cross Index

      18. H976.8 TEN V. 5 The Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionaires Volume Five (Rainey-Young) Confederate

      19. H976.8 Ten-Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications

      20. R116 Rutherford County, TN Registrar of Deeds Deed Books 1-2  (1842-1847)

      21. R204 Rutherford County, TN County Court Clerk, Settlement Books 1-2 (1883-1892)

3 thoughts on “And our ancestor is NOT FOUND on….

  1. Teresa, and you will never go back and check them again!? Last night I was going through the 1855 Luxembourg census at FamilySearch and looked at every image – and then went back and did it again. The family I was searching for had to be there but I didn’t find them. My research manager tells me I am still searching and didn’t find them in that town. I won’t be checking that batch again. Great post!

  2. Cathy, I will check those rolls for other family lines, but not that surname. I made meticulous notes of everyone found on the roll with that surname and since the index is alphabetical, it’s easy to get various spellings. Trying to cut down on the number of times I do that for one individual family. I tagged the notes for his son and grand daughter’s generations as well while I was there, so their notes are ready to go as well.
    Deleting my research tags from TMG as I go as well so that it will just be genealogy and my research will all be in Evernote someday.
    The books I checked are indexes for the microfilms, but i am still checking the films myself. He lived in two other counties so I have my work cut out to do that exhaustive search, but i must say this is addicting. 🙂

  3. I may have mentioned this before, I need to remember to check the notify me of new comments via email since you’re comments don’t show up on my WP dash as a reply. I noticed you replied only when I came back to check.
    I love hearing how you (and others) do things and sometimes wonder if “my way” is wrong. I’m following the do-over the second time around. Definitely doing better on citing sources and cleaning up my database as I work on one family group per post. It’s getting easier and, as you say, more addicting along the way!

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