How is your summer?….

Yup, it is finally summer here in the Deep South and it’s been so busy so far. First took our youth group to youth camp for five days. Had a blast!

Came home and slept for three days.

Then I went to a family reunion. No check that, crashed a family reunion.  My great grandmother’s sister Polly’s greats had a family reunion and Mom and I crashed it. We were the only representatives from our branch.  Now when Ola, my great grandmother died, it was Aunt Polly who kept up with my grandmother and her siblings. And my grandmother adored her Merritt cousins. And for good reason, they are incredibly wonderful loving people.  Aunt Polly and Uncle Josh practically took my grandmother in when she got out of the orphanage at 18 and she always loved her cousins.  When I grew up, whenever someone in the family passed away, Mom would take Granny to the funeral home and I’d sit with these older cousins and listen to them talk.  When I got interested in Genealogy, it was Polly’s children who sat with me and gave me family photos. Not copies, mind you, originals!

We had a blast! And I got even more family photos while I was there. And I got to share one with them. Aunt Polly’s grandmother’s photo. 

And then we came home and I am working on some leads my Great, great Aunt Polly left for me in her very own handwriting. Is it possible to love a woman you never met this much?  Thank you Aunt Polly for your wonderful family, for the genealogy you left behind and for caring for my family. 

So far, our summer has been great!

Number three is graduating high school this year, so we took senior pictures yesterday! Oh my gosh, where has the time gone and how do I slow it down?


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