Scanning. Why it no longer involves the scanner….

We genealogist all know the drill. Go to archives. Photocopy stacks of paper. Drive home with migraine, seasick from microfilm machine.  Take 15 years to recover.  Scan scratchy, faded image into computer. Link to genealogy program, transcribe, source, pull out hair.

Yup, I know the drill well.  But no longer does the drill involve my scanner. In fact, the 15 year wait is over as well. Because I have an Iphone. Yup, a phone with a camera that is better than the digital camera sitting on my dresser. That Iphone.   You probably have a similar phone in your purse. 

Now here are the steps to scan an image with my scanner:

  1. Find paper in stack and go to scanner.
  2. Remove last document scanned and file it away.
  3. Unload washing machine and fold load of clothes in drier
  4. Put paper on scanner.
  5. Press scan
  6. Go to computer and realize it wasn’t on so document did not scan
  7. Go back to scanner and push scan again
  8. Unload washing machine and fold load of clothes in drier
  9. Go to computer and try where the heck document got sent in scanner software.
  10. Move document to correct folder that has something like C:Pictures as it’s name and not C:User/You/Documents/Scanner/BetYouCantRememberAllTHis/TodaysDate/ScannerImages/…
  11. Open document in imaging software and crop out extra background noise
  12. Go to genealogy program  and realize that copy of image got saved into C:User/You/Documents/Scanner/BetYouCantRememberAllTHis/TodaysDate/ScannerImages/…
  13. Go into imaging software and repeat step 10
  14. Pull out hair and decide gardening is a better hobby, though you hate the heat and plants and gardening in general.
  15. Put away clothes so that you at least accomplish something today.

Now here are the steps to scan an image with my phone:

  1. Find paper in stack
  2. Take picture of paper
  3. Move picture to my computer via USB cord
  4. Open genealogy program and use image.

Now here’s the real issue. I am old and my back hurts.  I can scan at my desk in a computer chair that has never ever felt all that great, OR I can use my phone in my recliner in front of the TV. 

It’s up to you to decide, but I think the scanner is going to retire very soon at our house.


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