If You Blog it, The Bricks Will Fall….

Or so goes my theory. Hasn’t really worked so far. 🙂

In 1819, Neavil Gee died and left a will:

I, Nevil Gee of the County of Lunenberg and State of Virginia do make my will in the following manner that is to say– 1st I give to my son George L Gee one hundred and fourteen and a half acres of land whereon he now lives on the following conditions (viz)  that ? George L. Gee shall pay to each of my other sons when they arrive to age of twenty one years the one fifth part of the value of land at the time he received it– Also I give to my son George L. Gee one bay horse named wonder which is now in his possession. 
2nd I lend to my wife Elizabeth Gee the whole of the land whereon I now live and all my negroes, stock, plantation utensils, corn fodder and oats during her life or widowhood except the stock sold to pay my debts if any be sold but it is my will and desire that my sons William O. Gee, Alfred Gee Claiborne Gee and Neavil A. Gee shall each of them have a riding horse common saddle and bridle from what is made from what I have bound my wife by cropping or raising cols if it can be done and she and family well supported but if ? cannot be done before she dies or gets married they each must have a riding horse on the value of one part of my Estae and not to be accountable for the same in the General division between my children.
3rd  It is my will and desire that my son Alfred Gee shall have one years ? and my sons Claiborne and Neavil A. Gee shall have an education equal to their other brothers and that to be done out of the profits made from the property loaned to my wife.
4th It is my desire that the crop of tobacco now made and the crop that will be made this year be applied to the payment of debts but if my wife and Exer. think proper they may sell part of the stock to discharge my debts. 5th  It is my desire and will that my wife and Exer may ? each Legatee when they marry or arrive to the age of twenty one years a certain tract of the Estate loaned my wife and that each legatee shall have an equal part give as nearly as can be ascertained by valuations and ? each receives be ? shall be accountable at the General division atty I leave the whole of my estate that I have not given away as above at the death or marriage of my wife, Elizabeth Gee, to be equally divided among my sons George L. Gee, William O. Gee, Alfred Gee, Claiborne Gee and Nevil A. Gee to go to them and their heirs forever 7th and lastly I appoint my son George L. Gee and my brother Lucas Gee Excur. to this my last will and Testament In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this sixteenth day of January eighteen hundred nineteen.
Neavel Gee, SEAL
Signed, sealed, and acknowledged
in the presence of
Jones Gee
Joshua Smith
James L. Gee

From this will, we can infer that Nevil and his wife Elizabeth were the parents of the following children:

George L. Gee (received 114.5 acres where he was already living implying that he was grown and one horse; Made executor with his uncle Lucas Gee)

William O. Gee (not yet 21 according to will; would receive 1/5 value of land at age 21; one riding horse, saddle and bridle)

Alfred Gee (not yet 21 according to will; would receive 1/5 value of land at age 21; one riding horse, saddle and bridle; to receive one year’s education)

Claiborne Gee (not yet 21 according to will; would receive 1/5 value of land at age 21; one riding horse, saddle and bridle; education equal to brothers)

Neavil A. Gee (not yet 21 according to will; would receive 1/5 value of land at age 21; one riding horse, saddle and bridle; education equal to brothers)

The 1820 Federal Population census shows:

George L. Gee living in Mecklenburg County, VA. He and his wife are 16-25. They have one daughter under ten and one slave.

Elizabeth, William O, Alfred, Claiborne and Neavil A are not enumerated. My guess is they were either missed or are in the fold of the page and weren’t microfilmed.  They are most likely still living on the farm in Lunenburg County, VA in 1820.  I still need to research deeds and wills in Lunenburg thoroughly.  Task for another day. 🙂

Since William O. Gee married Nancy P. Knott in 1821 in Lunenburg County, VA, we can assume the family was still living there as late as October of that year.

Alfred married Nancy Coleman Edmonson in October 1821 in Mecklenburg County, VA, so it is possible that he moved to be near his brother George L.  Since the two counties border each other, it is possible that the family lived near the county line and they traveled back and forth. Records in both counties will need to be researched.

By 1830, Alfred and Claiborne are enumerated in Williamson County, TN. Alfred has two males 20-29 living in his household, so I assume this is one of his brothers.  We know that by 1830, William O. Gee is married and living in Williamson County, so it could be him, but I believe it is not, based on the fact that only one female that age is in the household and both men were married. I believe this is most likely his brother Neavil.  Claiborne is enumerated with two young males living in his household, but I believe that one of them was his guardian, Samuel Washington Edmonson. 

Also showing up at this time in the records of Williamson County, TN was David Gee, who married Lucinda Unknown. David has two females living with him. I believe the other female may be Mary Winn Gee, his sister. Some researchers have this David as the some of David Gee and Agnes Hicks. But I believe he is the son of James Gee and Sarah Hicks. More research will need to be done to prove this. David W. lived next to Henry H. Horton, and Henry Horton was a guardian of Mary W. Gee and probated her rather large estate when she died.  How these two Gee families are related, I am not yet sure.

In 1836, George L. Gee (parentage unknown) married Sarah Jane Rash in Williamson County, TN. This is my line and the one brick wall I would like to see come down.  George was born circa 1816 in VA.  He married in Williamson County, TN in 1836 and can be found enumerated there in 1840.  Where he was living in 1830 is anyone’s guess. He could have been one of the young males living with Claiborne Gee, but who was his parent? He could belong to David W. or one of his siblings.


And how was David W. Gee who married Lucinda and lived in the 5th District related to Mary Winn Gee. Was he her brother as I suspect, or the son of David Gee of Carroll County, TN as many suspect?


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