If Genealogy Were a Crime???….

A fellow genealogist asked if Genealogy were a crime, what would be the evidence against you.  Here’s my top ten reasons I’d be easy to convict:


1) Photographs of cemeteries in office √
2) Photographs in black and white of long deceased people that I look a lot like √
3) DAR and First Family of TN certificates hung on wall (diploma, not sure where it’s at) √
4) Map of King’s Mountain as artwork hung in house √
5) Maps of Fredericksburg laying across desk √
6) Children with unusual 18th century names √
7) Last vacation photos were of 10 Civil War Battle fields, 2 Revolutionary Battle fields, one courthouse, and stayed the night in a B and B owned by the mining company family an ancestor worked for. √
8) Facebook albums have War of 1812 Pension applications, but no pictures of cats. √
9) Spent every anniversary for 29 years at the state or local archives √
10) Asked for Presidential Pardon of ancestor for 30th Anniversary present (needs to be framed) √


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