So You Wanna Sort Some Pictures….


I am working on getting all our family photos scanned and shared on FB with my cousins and then moved to photo safe albums.  Okay, the term all is a little vague:  Let’s just say my mom is a huge fan of Rubber Made and our family photos have allowed more than one Rubber Made executive to retire on his yacht.  I wish I was exaggerating. I really do, but I digress.

Mom gave me several of these and I figured, divide and conquer, so one is in my office. The rest are weighing down the rafters in the man cave. Gotta love a man that will use Rubber Made totes of all your old school photos stacked together as a backdrop to his office.   Outta sight, however means out of mind, and I am trying to move beyond that.

So first things first:  As I have said before, I hate am not a big fan of Rubber Made or Sterilite products IF a prettier alternative is available in the same price range ball park. But alas, that is not always the case and in fact, there are some products that they do better than anyone out there, far cheaper.  Stacking plastic drawers for instance.

This morning, I bought three:  But the thing is, while they are functional and cheap, they aren’t pretty. So I decided that since I wanted to add labels with surnames anyway, why not pretty the thing up a bit?

So step one:  Find Avery Template for the labels that you have at home. (or buy labels).  I always keep different sizes on hand because I hate my handwriting, so I downloaded the template I needed. Advice:  First save the blank template for later use.  Then I searched online until I found a family tree image I liked. There are millions and I just chose one that was fairly simple.  Paste it into the first template box. I had to resize it to fit. Once you get it the size you want, copy it again and paste into each template box. 

Step two: SAVE THE TEMPLATE for future use. DO NOT SKIP this step. I speak from experience. If you get it exactly the way you want it, save the template.

Step three:  Add in a text box.  I had to do this to get my text to center on the template box where I wanted it to. I had to play with the boxes a bit to get all names basically the same size and place in the box.  Then pick a font you like and type in your surnames you have images for. I created on box for my family and another for my Mom and Dad since I have tons of pictures for both families in the boxes. The rest I did by Surname only.

Step four:  SAVE THE TEMPLATE for future use. DO NOT SKIP this step. I speak from experience. If you get it exactly the way you want it, save the template.  Yes, you have read that before. That is how important it is.

Step five:  Print labels and add to your sorting drawers.

Step six:  Begin sorting pictures by surnames. Because the drawers are small, you will have to stop from time to time and scan. This will keep both jobs from becoming overwhelming.

Now, you want to see?


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