New Name, New Purpose

Welcome!  If you have read my blog before, you may have noticed the new name.  And the new purpose. My previous name was Generations Gone By and the purpose Researching my fifth great grandparents or reasons I didn’t.  Mainly it was a personal blog for posting about my family and a little genealogy thrown in, because that was how my life was. Raising three wonderful children kept me busy. Genealogy kept me sane.

In August, all that changed, when my youngest went to college, and I went to work full time!  I have worked part time since she was in elementary school, but now that she was out of the house, I decided to work full time. My job allows me two full weeks  of  vacation in the spring and fall, plus summers off, so I am devoting those to genealogy. No excuses.

Last year, Hubby and I decided to trace three ancestors through the Civil War. Thomas Decatur Barrett, 56th Virginia, Joseph Hubbard, Company E (Turney’s), 1st TN Infantry, and Joseph Lannom, Company G, 7th Regiment, Tennesee Infantry, Volunteer.  Lannom and Hubbard were part of the famed Tennessee Brigade.  Barrett’s unit often fought alongside them.

Our travels have taken us to places like Antietam, Manassas, Fredericksburg, Appomattox Court House, Drury’s Bluff, Fort Donelson, Seven Days Battles, Gaines Mills. As we have walked in the footsteps of these three men, I have come to see the Civil War in a new light, not as a battle over states rights, or slavery, but from the view point of three men who fought in some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, whom were often on the front lines of those battles and whom walked away from the battlefield to go on and have lives after the war.

Thomas Barrett was just 30 years old when he joined the 56th Virginia. He would nearly die from kidney issues that he probably got from service in the war. He would go on to marry, father 8 children and live to be 84.


Joseph Hubbard was just 19 when he joined the 1st TN Infantry.  Most likely he joined because his older cousins were joining and he was a young man looking for an adventure. He would live to see his commanding officer Peter Turney killed.  He would be there when Stonewall Jackson was killed and he would go AWOL and leave the Army just as the 1st TN went north into Pennsylvania. He claims on his pension application to have been hurt at Fredericksburg.  Though we searched the records, we have found no proof that his claim was true, but amply opportunity for him to have been killed there.  He lived to be 84,and had at least 8 children.


Joseph Lannon was 39, and married when he joined the 7th Tennessee. He had 7 children. It’s not clear why he joined the Confederacy, but he served for one year and was discharged at Orange Courthouse, VA.  Shortly after returning home, he got into a fight with a neighbor Joseph Mount, and was killed. He left a pregnant wife and 7 children behind. He was 44 years old.

So why the new name and the new purpose?  Well for the last year, I have been using the hashtag WalkInTheirSteps as I post pictures on Facebook. I have been trying to share with my family some of the information I have found and I realized I need to share that more on my blog so that others can read about my ancestors and to preserve their history.  And that the blog was evolving from the reasons I don’t get to research, to sharing the research I am finally at a stage in life to do.  And that those three reasons why I didn’t have time to research, now might be old enough to enjoy reading about the research I have done on their ancestors.

So here it is. My newly redesigned blog, hope you enjoy.  I hope to publish at least once a week, but since work sometimes makes that difficult, be sure and select to have this blog sent to your email. That way you dont’ have to check back, but we’ll come to you!


3 thoughts on “New Name, New Purpose

  1. Hello — I just happened to come across this site while researching my Searles/Searls/Sirls line from Davidson Co TN. My 3rd great grandmother was Ann Searls married to James D. Creech. I believe her father was George Searls. Hoping to connect the generations. Thank you!

  2. Hello cousin. I have Ann Sirls and James Creech, but I have her father as Vincent. Ann Sirls who married James Creech in Jan 1850 was born circa 1825-1830. George did have a daughter named Ann, but she was born in 1849, and so was not the same Ann that married James in 1850.
    I’d love to work with you on this line!

  3. I would love to find out more about my Searls/Sirls line. It’s been one of my brick wall lines for a long time. Yes my Ann Searls was born about 1830 that married James Creech. I have all generations to her documented. You have her father as Vincent? Thanks so much!

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