Genealogist at Work-Progress on Day One

Made lots of progress today on my new goal and thought I’d share the progress. No I don’t intend to update daily, but I wanted to encourage not only my new readers (Welcome!) but also myself.

Slept in this morning, because it was cold and it was officially my first day of vacation.  I have to get up around 5:30 every morning, so sleeping in till 9:00 am is such a luxury. I also spent about 2 hours eating lunch with my one remaining ancestor and my youngest descendant.  Life is about the living and I never miss an opportunity to celebrate life with my family. They are too important too me.

But I did make some progress in my genealogy clutter project.  My top two cabinets had been reserved for research on my mother’s families.  My mother’s family after the Civil War were poor share croppers.  They did not have much money, so there are few deeds, wills, even marriages for this family. All the research I had done on paper for these families fit into one of the top filing cabinets. The other cabinet was mostly empty.  So I moved everything out of the first drawer and put my extra hanging file folders in that drawer so that I could put my extra paper, label paper, protector sheets, ect that a home office needs, but I never seem to have a good place for.  Now I can start to put away extra paper, and office supplies into that drawer, there by eliminating visual clutter on my desk.

I had made smaller folders for each document type for each surname and in each one of those was 13 sheet protectors.  So I am removing those and putting them back for use later.  Those things are too expensive to toss and I have a kid in college. They will not go to waste. 🙂  The folders themselves I am tossing since they are in pretty bad shape. The ones that aren’t are going to go into this top drawer for future use.  I also have extras in the 7 remaining cabinets that I will be putting into this drawer for future use.  I am sure my Kindergarten teacher college kid will find a use for them if I can not. 🙂

I started working through the other top drawer, scanning and citing sources. I am currently using the free version of Evernote, and have hit my monthly data limit, so I was limited to how much work I could do there. Bad planning on my part. I am hoping to get an upgrade coupon in a few days and I will upgrade if I can get a discount.  If not, I’ll have to wait until my month runs out and I get more data. I usually try and use my data each month if I can, and I have been adding my Civil War research to Evernote this month and forgot that I was about out of data.  I am hoping they send me a coupon for a percentage off either Plus or Premium in the next few days and I can resubscribe.  The free version is enough data for my monthly use of research, but I also am keeping my Civil War research photos in Evernote and I wasn’t thinking when I uploaded a bunch of them last week. 🙂 

So since I needed to have less time in front of the computer and I really needed to declutter the office itself before Christmas, I decided it would be a great time to clean off my desk and get the stacks there sorted. Most are from scanning projects and so I just stacked them up in one big pile on the corner of my desk.  My desk is actually three small hall tables that I can put into any configuration, and there isn’t a lot of table top.  So organizing it helps in the process of getting my paper clutter under way, because now I have a place to put my computer. I can move one of the hall tables perpendicular to the others and watch TV with my hubby in the living room while I work. In the day time, I move it back against the other two to make more walking room when I am not working.  It has to stay fairly decluttered since it is a main traffic zone in my house, and so this was a much needed job.  Looks better already and I can now find my tape, pencils, and staplers again. 

The next thing I did was set up the external hard drive to make a backup. That way I at least have a starting backup of all my data and I won’t lose a lot of data if I don’t have one later. I also need to burn some CDs for hubby to take to work and my guess is that will be my progress for another day this week.

I also found 3 new marriage records that had not been recorded in The Master Genealogist today. I got a few missing data fields for existing source citations, and I feel a lot better that this project is manageable to get done by the end of the year. Most of the documents today were scanned and those that weren’t were easily taken with my cell phone and added to my database. 

So tomorrow will be an off day as I have lots of doctor appts to get to and I need to do a little house work.  But hopefully I will be able to get that first cabinet done by the time I go back to school in January!


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