Genealogist at Work-I Have A Genealogy Heir!!!!

Every genealogist worries that no one will want to carry on their genealogy after they are gone. I have three kids. The oldest was my best hope. 🙂  He loves World War II and airplanes, so I figured he’d be the easiest to bring in.  His younger sister hates history and I figured she was my last hope.


For Christmas I gave all three kids a printed volume of their four generation pedigree charts. One for each grand parent in a bound volume.  The boy was the most excited!  And he said he’d been nominated as the Genealogy Heir.

So today I am working on getting the papers in some semblance of order and starting on my Genealogy Goal for 2017. Scanning all the documents in my filing cabinets into Evernote and getting them organized. 

The process is simple. Find a document that hasn’t been scanned (lots of choices there). Lay it under my light on my desk, and using my iphone, I take a picture. (I recommend a CamKix button so that you don’t move the phone when you take the picture).  Then email the image to myself. Add to my document files. Add to Evernote. Cite in The Master Genealogist, and throw document away.


It’s also a little bit boring. 🙂  But at the end of the year, I will be totally digital and my heirs (all three) will be able to share mom’s genealogy papers with each other with little pain.  And isn’t that what we want for our children. That they be able to inherit our genealogy and love it as much as we do without it becoming a chore?

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