Genealogist at Work-Progress Reports….

I haven’t been lax in my work lately. The planned Genealogy Scanning project is moving slowly along as is cleaning up my source citations and making sure my research notes in Evernote are in good order.

I chose one of my mom’s surnames: Hubbard and started working on getting all the documents scanned. There weren’t many since my mother’s grandmother was a Hubbard and I don’t have much research done on that side of the family yet. 

So I scanned in what little I had and began to work on creating source citations for those documents and tagging them in Evernote.  My Green Hubbard married Susannah Parks and I am trying to tie him to the Green Hubbard who married Susannah Parks in Wilkes County, NC. Problem is Green and Susannah married in 1826 in Wilkes County, NC  and were enumerated in 1830 in Lincoln County, TN. He did own land in Lincoln County, NC, which he sold in 1832.  Problem is it appears that the deed to the land was not recorded by the original owner, but rather he just gave Green a bond for the land which wasn’t recorded until Green sold the land in 1832.  So I could not prove that my Green was indeed the one that came from Wilkes County, NC.  Green moved to Washington County, TN by 1840 and then back to Lincoln County, TN by 1850.  It appears his wife died before 1860, and his son is not enumerated in 1860.  The 1860 census enumeration is full of mark throughs and house numbers obviously not with the HOH, so I am thinking his son Joseph may have been living with him and in the recopy of the census, got skipped. We will never know I guess.

Green owned one slave in 1830 and 1840. She was a 0-ten year old in 1830. Family legend has it that Ambrose Parks, Susannah’s father gave each of his children a slave when they married, but I could not find any document linking Green and Ambrose through this slave girl.  Ambrose probated Samuel Hubbard’s will in 1822, and I believe Samuel to be Green’s father. But could not find any record to prove this in Wilkes County.  Ambrose was also a guardian for Benjamin Hubbard’s grandchildren, so it is obvious that Ambrose and the Hubbards were well acquainted in Wilkes County, NC.  Who Green’s father is remains a mystery so far. 

So that is what I have been working on.  I ended up with 108 documents on my Hubbard line in my research process. They are all in Evernote and I am working on getting the information cited and added to the Master Genealogist. 

It’s been a busy month research wise as Hubby and I always use my school vacation times to Genealogy Travel.  So I am trying to get all my genealogy ducks into genealogy rows as fast as I can. 


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