Genealogist at Work-The Office

I am the Cheapest woman on earth, especially when it comes to spending money on myself.    But this week I decided to purchase a Silhouette Cameo.  I really couldn’t tell you why I wanted the Cameo, or what I planned to do with one, but I decided I wanted one, and with a little Christmas money in my pocket, it really was a gift from other people and not me spending too much money on a toy I’ll probably lose interest in by next Christmas.

So I needed a place to set it up in my home office and so began the great office redo.  I had this cabinet that I had purchased as a TV cabinet about 15 years ago. It was regularly $289.00 but had been marked down to $75.  The manager and a stock boy were looking at the stacks of flat packs they needed to move to another part of the store and as this was the last one of this cabinet they had, I told the manager for $50 I’d take it off his hands. He agreed, and then I suggested they load it into my car.  So I purchased it for $50 instead of $289!  But over the years, TVs got longer and thinner and soon it was no longer useful for a TV cabinet. But as it was still in good shape and had lots of storage room, I had Hubby move it to my office.  It’s a huge piece, but as you can see, it’s great for my Nativity collection and has the perfect spot to put my new Cameo once it comes. 


It has been in the same spot for about 6 years now, and I wanted to move it to another wall.  You may think you are a good housekeeper, but once you move furniture, you discover that perhaps you are not. 😦  So a lot of dusting and mopping were undertaken to clean under where this monstrosity had been setting. I wanted to move my desk to that spot. Thankfully under the desk was just cluttered with things I use regularly and not much dust.  It took a few hours to dismantle my office, and reassemble it, but I am happy with the results:


This is my desk area. It’s actually three hall tables put together so I can change the configuration as my needs change. One whole table is for laying out the paper files I am working from and I have room to look them over.  I am debating adding a little skirt the the front so that the clutter underneath isn’t as noticeable in the room.  I hate clutter, but these are things I use regularly and I need a place to keep them so under the desk it is for now. 

And now this spring when I work at my desk, I get to enjoy this:


The sunlight is streaming in today and though it is chilly outside in the wind, in my office, it is toasty warm.  Now I can work on genealogy and get a little vitamin D at the same time!

Moving things around also improved the walk through of my home office and it seems more spacious.  Now to get back to scanning documents and finding new ancestors.

The grand office redo is over! At least for now. 🙂


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