Governor’s Pardon

In 1853, my ancestor Hiram Edde and Lousia Daws were convicted of Lewdness in the Court in Shelbyville, Bedford County, TN.  The Court found Edde guilty and Edde appealed to the TN Supreme Court.  The case was heard by the Tennessee Supreme Court.  The case was remanded back to the County Court in December 1853.

the defendant (Hiram Edde) appearing in open court according to his recognizance entered into at said December Term 1853. And produced to the court the pardon of his Excellency Andrew Johnson Governor of the State of Tennessee…” (Bedford County TN Circuit Court Minute Book 1853-1857, Page 619)

Edde presented to the Court a pardon by the Governor of TN, Andrew Johnson.  Johnson would serve as Governor of TN from 1853 -1857 and as Military Governor of TN from 1862-1865. In March 1865, he would become Vice President under Abraham Lincoln, (a distant cousin of Edde’s) and in April 1865 at Lincoln’s death, Johnson would become the 17th President of the State of TN.

Monochrome photograph of the upper body of Andrew Johnson


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