John A. and Benajah Carlton-Vicksburg

John A. Carlton, and his brother, Benajah enlisted for a period of one year on March 8, 1862 at Fort Pillow, TN. They were both a part of the 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Unit. After the regiment was organized, it was embarked on the Steamer Golden Age on June 2, 1862, for Vicksburg. Here it… Continue reading John A. and Benajah Carlton-Vicksburg

Commemorating 150 years….

  One Hundred and Fifty years ago today, the Civil War began to come to a close in the United States with surrender at Appomattox, VA.  For four long years, north and south had battled each other. Nearly 1, 100, 000 men had lost their lives or were mortally wounded.  For my ancestors in the… Continue reading Commemorating 150 years….