Land Law of Tennessee-Proctor, Jonathon

Today I was transcribing a 1830 deed for Jonathon A. Proctor where it states “Agreeable to the 21st section of an act of the assembly passed at Knoxville in 1806 commonly called the land Law”….Wait… What?I had never heard of this land law, yet here my ancestor has a deed survey that states agreeable to… Continue reading Land Law of Tennessee-Proctor, Jonathon


1920 Census

Well, I was so close. I found everyone but Joseph Hubbard. I just can't find him. His wife, Martha died in 1916. I am pretty sure he lived in the 5th District of Davidson County, TN, since it was the enumeration of the area that was part of the old 6th District where Joe and… Continue reading 1920 Census