Scanning. Why it no longer involves the scanner….

We genealogist all know the drill. Go to archives. Photocopy stacks of paper. Drive home with migraine, seasick from microfilm machine.  Take 15 years to recover.  Scan scratchy, faded image into computer. Link to genealogy program, transcribe, source, pull out hair. Yup, I know the drill well.  But no longer does the drill involve my… Continue reading Scanning. Why it no longer involves the scanner….


Genealogy Go Over-The Epiphany…..

I have been doing the Go over now for 7 weeks and I admit that this week, I haven’t even read Thomas’ email.  For one, the deep south has been anticipating this: And so, I have been busy watching the weather and preparing… Okay I have been doing what ever southerner does when 3-10 inches… Continue reading Genealogy Go Over-The Epiphany…..