Post Research Trip-What to do next

For those who don’t Genealogy Research Travel the way we do, let me describe a typical research day. Our last trip was eleven days.  We drove about 6 hours the first day, checked into a hotel and started visiting cemeteries, historical societies and archives. We tend to move hotels about every other day.  This time… Continue reading Post Research Trip-What to do next

Genealogical Research Logging

There’s been a lot of discussion among my genealogy friends of methods of researching and keeping up with research.  Because my family were southerners who came to the United States (or rather to North America), most of my migration routes are NC to TN,  SC to TN, PA to VA to TN.  98% of my… Continue reading Genealogical Research Logging

Genealogist at Work-Times Have Changed Even for Genealogists

When I started researching my genealogy over 25 years ago, I had two small children, chronic debilitating migraines, and stayed at home.  Most genealogical records were found at state and local courthouses or archives.  Our public library had the Federal Population Census for Tennessee and Alabama.  The 1920 census had just been released, so they… Continue reading Genealogist at Work-Times Have Changed Even for Genealogists