Genealogy Go Over Week 8

  Yup, I am behind. This week can’t blame Thomas or his tiaras. Instead have to blame a lack of caring on my part.  Winter has hit the Deep South, schools have been closed, having a hard time finding motivation to work, clean house, do much besides watch the snow and pray for spring…. I… Continue reading Genealogy Go Over Week 8


Genealogy Go Over-The Epiphany…..

I have been doing the Go over now for 7 weeks and I admit that this week, I haven’t even read Thomas’ email.  For one, the deep south has been anticipating this: And so, I have been busy watching the weather and preparing… Okay I have been doing what ever southerner does when 3-10 inches… Continue reading Genealogy Go Over-The Epiphany…..

Genealogy Go Over Week Two: Things I Discovered…..

    Continued this week working on my 2015 Genealogy resolutions.  I decided it made sense to work on documents one ancestor at a time and since someone suggested using a pedigree chart, I have been working on my paternal grandparents this week.  Making sure the documents I have scanned have citations and the citations… Continue reading Genealogy Go Over Week Two: Things I Discovered…..