To Go Digital or Not to Go Digital, That is the Question

Posted in response to a post on a FB about not trusting electronic media and not going digital with genealogy papers.  Here is my response!Anyone who uses a computer without a back up, is asking for trouble.My house could burn down. I could get hit by a tornado (again). Anything could happen to paper as… Continue reading To Go Digital or Not to Go Digital, That is the Question

Post Research Trip-What to do next

For those who don’t Genealogy Research Travel the way we do, let me describe a typical research day. Our last trip was eleven days.  We drove about 6 hours the first day, checked into a hotel and started visiting cemeteries, historical societies and archives. We tend to move hotels about every other day.  This time… Continue reading Post Research Trip-What to do next

Getting the Next Generation Interested….

Like most Genealogists, my children really aren’t interested in sitting in front of the computer chasing down every last deed of someone long dead.  They aren’t interested in spending hours in archives and cemeteries looking for that long lost connection to a 6th great grandfather.  At least they aren’t yet…. So how does a genealogist… Continue reading Getting the Next Generation Interested….