Genealogist at Work-Scanning Progress

Well, didn’t take me long to remember why I didn’t make much progress with scanning the files in my filing cabinet. 1) it is incredibly boring 2) there are a lot of things I don’t really know what to do with, like copies of index books that I might need or might not. 3) it… Continue reading Genealogist at Work-Scanning Progress

Genealogist at Work-I Have A Genealogy Heir!!!!

Every genealogist worries that no one will want to carry on their genealogy after they are gone. I have three kids. The oldest was my best hope. 🙂  He loves World War II and airplanes, so I figured he’d be the easiest to bring in.  His younger sister hates history and I figured she was… Continue reading Genealogist at Work-I Have A Genealogy Heir!!!!