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Genealogist at Work-Progress on Day One

Made lots of progress today on my new goal and thought I’d share the progress. No I don’t intend to update daily, but I wanted to encourage not only my new readers (Welcome!) but also myself. Slept in this morning, because it was cold and it was officially my first day of vacation.  I have… Continue reading Genealogist at Work-Progress on Day One

Genealogist at Work-Times Have Changed Even for Genealogists

When I started researching my genealogy over 25 years ago, I had two small children, chronic debilitating migraines, and stayed at home.  Most genealogical records were found at state and local courthouses or archives.  Our public library had the Federal Population Census for Tennessee and Alabama.  The 1920 census had just been released, so they… Continue reading Genealogist at Work-Times Have Changed Even for Genealogists

Scanning. Why it no longer involves the scanner….

We genealogist all know the drill. Go to archives. Photocopy stacks of paper. Drive home with migraine, seasick from microfilm machine.  Take 15 years to recover.  Scan scratchy, faded image into computer. Link to genealogy program, transcribe, source, pull out hair. Yup, I know the drill well.  But no longer does the drill involve my… Continue reading Scanning. Why it no longer involves the scanner….