Slaves of Reverend John Dillahunty….

John Dillahunty: inventory (17 Jun 1816), Davidson County, TN Book 7, Page 19. Viewed online on 13 Mar 2015 searching "Tennessee, Probate Court Books, 1795-1927" at  Official copy held by Davidson County, TN, Will Book 7, Roll 0428, Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville TN. John Dillahunty‚Äôs inventory (above) mentions the following slaves: (information… Continue reading Slaves of Reverend John Dillahunty….



Nothing is certain but death and taxes. But taxes are ruled by governments and governments word things like: Insomuch as the governing body of the state of TN deems it necessary... People word things like: Since we can't build roads, we've decided... Reading through all the government gobbledygook is like have brain surgery with an… Continue reading Taxes